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Through music a child enters a world of beauty, expresses her inmost self, tastes the joy of creating, widens his sympathies, develops her mind, soothes and refines his spirit, and adds grace to her body.

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Summer Sessions begin June 9.

Congratulations to Jacob Taggart, Clara Wrolstad, Alicia Sylvester, Emma Taggart, and Grace Fink
for an outstanding April  presentation of the Vincenzo Balzani Master Class Winner's Recital. It was a big success and everyone performed beautifully.  

This concert will be reprised at the Lovere Italy Festival  this summer and again in September at the Landmark Center in St Paul.

Reid's most recent CD 
features all Liszt and includes  the  Sonata in B minor. Other CDs include the Complete 27 Etudes of Chopin and another all-Chopin CD including the 4 Ballades. To purchase, contact DrReidSmith@aol.com.

LaWayne's book "The Untold Story of Adele aus der Ohe: From a Liszt Student to a Virtuoso continues to draw rave reviews.

Hear his recent talk with Alison Young on MPR:
MPR Interview

Recently, it received international recognition in International Pianist, perhaps the premiere piano magazine in the world, where it was reviewed as the "Editor's Choice".  The book has been hailed as a "must read" for anyone interested in 19th Century pianists.
Aus der Ohe's Minnesota connections are unique - she played the opening concert for the Schubert Club's International Artists Series and performed in the opening season of the Minnesota Orchestra.
More information at:

Adele aus der Ohe

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!!! Spring and Summer Announcements !!!


Summer Sessions begin June 9

Our Summer Piano Festival in Italy

2014 International Lovere Festival
The Accademia Tadini – Lovere, Italy


July 30 to August 8, 2014

Piano Faculty

Vincenzo Balzani ( Italia )

Catia Iglesias (Italia)

Giovanna Di Donna (Italia)

Shuku Iwasaki ( Giappone )

Reid Smith ( America )

Alexander Yakovlev (Russia)

Morita Yoshifumi (Giappone)

Vsevolod Dvorkin (Russia)

Festival Information

This will be the Fifth Edition of the festival which offers a full immersion program providing an international learning experience for piano and violin students ages 5 - Adult of all levels of ability.

Pianists Under 12 Years of Age

This program of study is designed for children age 5 to 12 who have completed at least one school year of piano study, up to several years of study, and who perform pieces from an elementary up to an intermediate level.  Students will receive five private lessons, two duet lessons, a seminar on piano technique for children, a focus on guided practicing, performance opportunities, and may be an observer at all of the various master classes, seminars, and concerts offered at the festival.  At the end of the festival, there will be a jury for written comments from the teachers and various prizes. Every student will receive a diploma after completing the course.

Adult Classes for Amateurs

This program of study is designed for adults who play at an intermediate level or above.  Adults will receive five private lessons and two seminars.  There will be an emphasis on learning to play at ease from the score and another focus on duet playing.  Small concerts for adult students will occur in the afternoon and will be conducted like informal performance classes.  Adults may also be an observer at all of the various master classes, seminars, and concerts offered at the festival.

Regular Classes for Piano and Violin Students

This program of study is designed for students ages 6 and up who perform at a late intermediate through advanced levels.  These performers must prepare a memorized program for the festival and will have numerous performance opportunities at the festival and in the neighboring regions of the Iseo Lake awarded by the Association of Lovere.  These students also receive five private lessons and two seminars, and may attend all the various master classes, seminars, and festival concerts.

Students of Violin may elect a combination of piano or violin lessons for the five lessons offered for them at the festival.

Classes for Piano and Violin with Chamber Orchestra Concerto Performance

This program of study follows the same plan as for Piano and Violin Students above with the added opportunity of performing one movement of a concerto with the chamber orchestra.  Any movement from a concerto by Bach, Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven will qualify. Students in the Violin Program may be invited to perform with the Milano Chamber Orchestra in the concerto performances if the student is able to perform at the level required by the music.  Since some concerti movements are more difficult for violin than others, the violin instructor will decide at the festival which violin students are qualified to play in the orchestra.

Additional Performance Opportunities

Advanced Students of piano or violin who have prepared a complete recital program may be invited to perform their solo program at the Academie, in Lovere,  Boario, or other places in the environs of Lake Iseo.  A concert can also be arranged in Milano for the best recitalists.

Students of all ages who wish to participate in ensemble playing and study may come with a duet partner, or a partner may be assigned at the festival if requested.  Two grand pianos are available for two-piano works in the Affrescos Hall.

Non-refundable deposits for each person must be received by June 25, 2014.  The festival occurs during high tourist season, and the lake region of northern Italy is one of the most desirable locations in August because of the natural beauty, proximity to Venice, Milan, and the Alps, and the wonderfully temperate climate.  Since this is one of the best hotels in that area and is often fully booked far in advance, to secure sufficient rooms for the festival, the hotel requires a deposit more than three months in advance.

Contact Reid Smith at DRREIDSMITH@AOL.COM for complete details.

Reid Smith Studio news
White Bear Lake Press Publications article

White Bear Lake Press Publications article

White Bear Lake Press Publications article

White Bear Lake Press Publications article

Dr Reid Smith

Welcome to

Reid Smith's Piano Studio

Reid is one of two piano teachers in our area recommended by The Juilliard School.  (Juilliard.edu/Private  Teacher Directory for MN). 

His teaching combines the finest aspects of the German and Russian traditions. (See Bio.) Both the curriculum and the philosophy for the piano program are derived from pedagogical studies at Boston University, The Juilliard School, and the University of Minnesota. While solidly based on traditional principles of technique and musicianship, there is a strong emphasis on the individual development of each student.  Students are guided into the discovery of a natural, relaxed technique, and a personal interpretation of the selected curriculum that includes the classics and many contemporary pieces.  Music for sight-reading and ensemble playing are included.

One central aspect of the program is that the focus is student-oriented and not method-oriented.  Students often choose many of their own pieces from a carefully selected and varied list of quality compositions. I have perused nearly all of the teaching materials available and examine all the current publications. I am always updating and changing my repertoire lists.  Every student's curriculum is unique.

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